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Nice and Naughty- Excerpts from Michael Steinman’s Liner Notes

Barbara brings so much deeply-felt music to a record date that it’s a wonder it can all be captured on a little silver disc.  But it can.  She has a beautiful voice, an understated delivery, and a fine dramatic sense, which enables her to bring more out of a song than the lyrics and notes would suggest.  When the material requires it, she can be warmly affectionate, coy, witty, low-down, heartbreakingly wistful, and a thousand shadings in between.  Unlike some singers who attempt to go boldly back into the past, Barbara doesn’t approach her songs at an ironic distance.  Rather, she has worked hard to become one with her material.  Every song she chooses has an emotional connection to her life, and each one becomes a finely-crafted playlet.

Barbara’s romantic hopefulness is balanced by a clear-eyed view of modern life, so IF YOU WANT THE RAINBOW is a statement of belief to her.  She can also enact deep sadness without overacting.  When she begins, the room becomes quiet, as audiences feel the deep yearning she creates.  To me, her understanding of musical pathos is as deep as Connee Boswell’s — and I do not write those words casually.

For these sessions, Barbara chose four multi-talented musicians who are long-time friends, and their pleasure comes through.  Their collective associations include work with Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks, with Woody Allen, Eddy Davis, Kevin Dorn, the EarRegulars, Meredith Axelrod, and the ferry to Alcatraz. The result is both polished and informal, as if we are eavesdropping on the musicians having a good time in someone’s living room — Sister Barbara has brought home a new song from the music store and gathered Brothers Pete, Andy, Conal, and Craig around to try it out.  There might be cookies later.  Or perhaps some home brew.

 Michael Steinman

It Had To Be You

My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now

Say It Isn’t So

Barbara Rosene featured on Jazz Inspired

Listen to Barbara interviewed by Judy Carmichael on NPR’s Jazz Inspired program.

Recent Barbara Rosene News

Last year saw Barbara in a guest appearance at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola during Wycliffe Gordon’s Thanksgiving week reign. This November will hopefully include the same. 12273683_10154680073977619_8146458443381982603_o

In October of 2016, Barbara Rosene and her trio will be on board the brand new beautiful, Louisiane Riverboat on a tip from New Orleans to Memphis.

Barbara also performs with the wonderful pianist Ehud Asherie, guitar virtuoso James Chirillo, legendary violinist Andy Stein and many other world famous musicians regularly.

In June Barbara’s paintings of Jazz Clubs were on exhibition at Mezzrow Jazz Club.These paintings have become a small booklet with commentaries by jazz writers and musicians on each piece. It is now available at www.barbararosenepaintings.com. Prints are available too and she continues to paint commissions.

Barbara still tours with The Harry James Orchestra, led by Fred Radke. They have performed all over America and Canada including  The Montreal Jazz Festival.

2016 brings more performances at Mezzrow Jazz Club in NYC, gigs at Nightgown in her hometown of Cleveland and at the fabulous new club Blujazz in Akron, Ohio. One more recording is in the works- possibly on vinyl, and a stab at a little radio show featuring the Tin Pan Alley Composers. More information is coming.

Stay tuned for great music in 2016 and 2017.







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